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Uploaded by Jan 24, 2021
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Ok so this will be the last update I'll ever make to this character
This update has got some new stuff such as Air Dash and the clock from Donald EX and some other fixes
@Juu-bei7 Yo can you merge

-- Updated Jan 26, 2021-11:13 --

Ok so basically this update has got some improvements and some new moves such as a Will o' the Wisp-like move
@Juu-bei7 Yo can you merge

-- Updated Jan 25, 2021-11:58 --

Decided to update this since I felt like v1 was kinda lacking, oh well
This update includes some changes and a resurrection mode because I was running out of ideas

-- Updated Jan 25, 2021-11:58 --

So this is my COOL self insert
It's mostly just a simple edit of Donald with a few things changed and a few new moves such as a desperation move for when he reaches under 500 health
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