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Downloads: Daniel ("DanielFGT" Build)

Daniel ("DanielFGT" Build)

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Nov 28, 2020
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The Classic Dedil build that later had new stuff added to it and a sprite change into the Dedil we know and hopefully love today. I'm honestly surprised to see that noone's uploaded this build yet. (Atleast I hope not... :S)

====================>Daniel (WINMUGEN only!)<====================
================>Will this guy ever be finished?<================
=======================>Version 5.93b<=======================

Started upon: 18/04/2009
Last Update (This one that you've got now): 15/08/2010

====================>Introduction<================ ====
Thanks for downloading Daniel for your MUGEN, although I wanted the documentation you're reading now to not have any mistake or miss any command or fact, it's inevitable that I might have skipped some part while making the character, so, if Daniel does something that it isn't listed here, e-mail me ([email protected]) or Contact me in other ways and I can tell you why did it happen... (Don't actually contact him nowadays, I'm sure he won't like it...)
You can also leave comments, bugs, complains, copyright notices?, to my e-mail, as well.

Well, my character currently several supers and specials, the wide variety gives you more room for planning, so you're not likely to use them all in a fight :B, also, I'm not counting the transformations of these supers while in Explosion Moment (see below)), 10 special moves and 5 EX Moves, it has aereal raves

There are some settings on the file "Settings.txt", change them as necesary!!

Finnally my friends, you can change his style from Custom CvS to ANY crap available.

===============>Offending Notes<===============

This character might "offend" you because he has some overused supers and pulls out weird moves... :3

====================>Who's Daniel?<====================

Daniel is a 14 years old "teenager", he has a kid's soul though and he can be quite immature in a lot of cimcurstances although he can view consequences of some of his acts and other people's acts, his current Standard Acknowledgement is:

-Gender: Male.
-Age: Teenager.
-Type: Human.
-Blood Color: Red Blood.
-Armor Type: No Armor.
-Blocking Armor Type: No Block Armor.
-Weaponry: Blunt.
-Attractiveness: Average. (Hey, It was this because Daniel's neither hot or ugly!)
-Coolness: A Little Dorky.
-Morality: Good Natured. (Although he uses a girl as an attack, LOL)
-Intelligence: Smart. (Daniel proves being smarter than the normal teenagers)
-AI: Difficult to Beat. (His new AI proves some difficulty to me. :P)
-Height: Short.
-Physical Build: Chubby.
-Fighting Style: Unknown.
-Blood Type: A+.
-Race: White.

Daniel recieved my full name because of my unisnpired times at 2004 when it came about naming my OCs, he used to be my imaginary self, but he's now replaced by my real self, and Daniel didn't have his name changed because of continuity issues too.

====================>What's Daniel's Objective?<====================

Together with the help of Cherry, Miyi, a couple of tricks, AND A CRAPLOAD of mastery with Akuma, Kenshiro and Dio, Daniel sets up to start fighting with the rest of the people in MUGEN. However, most of his specials are somewhat not very strong.
Fortunately, Daniel knows how to chain them wisely. Having a vast trick box of combos! Cherry does help little, and she even guides him to hell if he loses. However, Miyi DOES help a lot! C'mon, since when a sexy trouble hunter which knows how to handle guns
and weapons is a bad help? ;D


-Sum up MvC, Extra mode in KOF and CvS2 EX Groove (Minus the "Just Defended") into this.
-All required things.
-Power Recharge, Dodge.
-Several Special Attacks and Several Supers.
-A Life Risk/Transformation move that enhances power by cutting one's life by half.
-A shy mode just in case you can't tolerate my voice. :3
-Original effects and effects from other games and other characters.
-Details taken from several fighting games.
-Some Over-Used supers.
-Rebalanced and Releveled most Supers.
-Damage dampeners for normal combos.

Those are the most important things from the character.
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  • Daniel ("DanielFGT" Build)
  • Daniel ("DanielFGT" Build)

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