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Uploaded by Nov 28, 2020
Author Author Dshiznetz, Kater15, Proud of Ragequittin
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Hoenn's Psychokinetic paper doll makes her return! Although I sometimes wonder what's got her occasionally snickering like a schoolgirl ... Anywhooo!
Gardevoir's dainty appearance betrays her fragility to an extent, but also masks her potent power. She can also teleport short distances, as well as dash in midair!
This doll is packing a re-coded Future Sight, which is now detonated remotely by inputting the command after placing it, giving Gardevoir a reliable means of extending combos while retaining her range game.
I already mentioned this doll can't take a lot of abuse, but her true Achilles heel lies in her overall slow normals having pitiful range. Her feather-like floaty jumps can also play to her disadvantage.

I be giving props to the souls below:

Nintendo & the Pokemon company for the Pokemon franchise(which I heard is in a bad spot right now. I can't confirm this as I dropped out after sword & shield was released)

The people who made Pokemon Type Wild(anybody knows the folks behind that game?)

Dshiznetz:the author of the initial version of Gardevoir that Kater15 edited.

Kater15:the Author of the edit that was the base for this edit.

-- Version 1.04 Updated 1st January 2021-7:55 --
SHP & AHK deal bonus damage & hitstun against foes that are attacking.
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  • Gardevoir
  • Gardevoir

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