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Downloads: POTS Style Bison (Dingus Edit)

POTS Style Bison (Dingus Edit)

Uploaded by Nov 27, 2020
Author Author Froz
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A Bison made by Froz in the POTS/CVS style. My biggest edit yet considering how much Final Mode changes his moves.


My usual changes for characters include:
Changing frame data and damage on normals for rebalancing.
Removing juggle limit on EX, Supers, and specials with no follow-ups.
Slightly reduced damage to compensate for the extra combo potential.
Heavy and command normals get new juggle properties.
Adding some new extenders at the cost of meter.
Changes on some inputs.
Bugfixes and some other tweaks.
Harsher damage scaling on combos.
Most attacks can cancel into Max Mode/Custom Combo.

Psycho power must really be something if he won't shut up about it

Bison Changes:
-Jumping LK can crossup.
-Fixed his backdash having no hitbox.
-Crouching HK has no juggle limit and can hit downed enemies.
-Added a new Target Combo (Y -> Y).
-Hell Attack has no juggle limit, but launches a bit lower than before.
-Fixed a bug with Psycho Crusher where it could hit multiple times in the corner.
-EX Psycho Crusher is much shorter but launches the opponent high enough for a follow-up.
-Regular Knee Presses don't knock down anymore.
-EX Knee Press has a different animation if the first hit connects.
-EX Head Press is a bit faster.
-EX Devil Reverse strike launches just enough for another move to hit.
-Psycho Field projectiles don't disappear when hitting a wall anymore, instead they will stay there until the explosion.
-Psycho Impact doesn't start unless you reach the opponent.
-The first punch of Psycho Impact lifts the opponent off the ground.
-EX Psycho Impact has a different animation if the first hit connects.
-EX Psycho Banish spawns a flame that slowly fades away and can break projectiles, a bit similar Psycho Inferno from SF5.
-Re-added the Psycho Sever special move, and fixed the FX animation.
-EX Psycho Sever groundbounces once per combo.
-Fixed the clones disappearing when spawning near the corner during Knee Press Nightmare, also made them hit more consistently and knock down airborne enemies.
-MAX Heartbreak Despair now wallsplats the opponent on the throw.
-Re-added Psycho Cannon from his other mode.
-Changed Psycho Cannon projectile to not fall to the ground after a second (could barely hit anyone with it).
-Re-added Psycho Explosion from his other mode.
-Removed Psycho Punisher (basically remade it into EX Psycho Impact).
-Destroying a projectile with Psycho Banish makes your next Psycho Field not disappear when getting hit.
-Locked his mode selection to normal mode only but made a new super where he transforms into Final Bison (QCFx2 + Start).

Final Bison Changes:
-Reworked his Final Bison mode to be a transformation, it reduces his defense and damages him slightly but buffs his damage and gives him new properties on most specials and supers.
-Final Bison has all the changes the Original mode has along with these ones below.
-The transformation lasts between rounds and matches on the Arcade Mode.
-Added a cool fire effect by his feet while he's on the ground.
-Added random lightning strikes in the background, only a cool visual effect though.
-Allowed Final Bison to use EX moves.
-Psycho Crusher gets two follow-ups while near the wall, pressing any punch button lets you land earlier and pressing kick buttons lets you jump off the wall (Distance depends on Kick strength).
-EX Psycho Crusher can be followed by another angled Psycho Crusher on hit; Angle depends on the input ; Any punch button launches you straight up, Back + any P launches you 45o backwards and Forward + any P launches you 45o forwards. Gains aerial control at the end of it.
-All Knee Presses can cancel to Crouching HK on contact.
-EX Knee Press has a different full animation if the first hit connects, it switches sides and leaves the opponent closer.
-Head Presses lift you lower after a successful hit, making the follow-up strike much faster.
-EX Head Press hits the opponent twice.
-All Devil Reverse strikes don't knock down anymore.
-Psycho Fields shatter into 3 spheres, covering more space. (This move already worked this way on the original character, I just added an EX version to it and made them not disappear on the corner like the Normal Bison ones).
-Psycho Impact has additional attacks.
-EX Psycho Impact steals a small amount of HP from the opponent.
-Regular Psycho Banishes slighty pulls the opponent towards you from anywhere on the screen, pull speed depends on punch strength pressed. [ZA HANDO]
-EX Psycho Banish lasts longer on screen.
-Regular Psycho Severs launch a projectile if not cancelled from a normal attack.
-EX Psycho Sever leave a fire on the ground if it connects, the fire explodes after a while lifting the opponent a bit higher from the groundbounce.
-Heartbreak Despair throws the enemy closer to you at the end.
-MAX version of Heartbreak Despair wallbounces the opponent instead of wallsplat.
-Knee Press Nightmares spawn additional clones.
-Psycho Cannon bounces back once from the edge of the screen.
-MAX Psycho Cannon is unblockable.
-Final Bison mode gives you access to a new super, Final Execution (QCBx2 + 2K), it does really high damage but takes you back to Regular Bison mode.

Known Bugs:
-After the transformation, Bison cannot be hit for a few seconds, I have no idea what causes this.

Hope you like it! :)
If you find any bugs or infinites, let me know!
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  • POTS Style Bison (Dingus Edit)
  • POTS Style Bison (Dingus Edit)

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