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Downloads: Sol Badguy CVS/POTS

Sol Badguy CVS/POTS

Uploaded by Nov 27, 2020
Author Author ReixSeiryu, edited by RagingRowen
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- Small and Big Ports changed.
- Double-Res Level 3 Port.
- (Air) Chain Combos on by default.
- Some CLSN adjustments.
- Added Air Dash.
- Light Punches mashable (Jumping included, yep.)
- Standing MP anim changed to his Dust anim.
- EX Poweradds have been fixed.
- EX Gun Flame launches higher but can be recovered from.
- Both Normal and EX Volcanic Viper have invincibility.
- Added Air Volcanic Viper and Bandit Revolver.
- Bandit Bringer ground bounces.
- Level 1 Tyrant Rave heavily re-done.
- Invincibility added to startup of Tyrant Rave Ver. ß.
- Dragon Install recoded to serve a purpose. Drains power and allows free EX Moves.
- More...
To Do:
- Attend to Criticism and Feedback.
- Cleaner Double Res Level 3 Port transition.
- Update AI to do Specials and Supers.
- Non-Super Ground Viper.
- Proper Dragon Install.
- Re-Do and Fix Level 1 Tyrant Rave to behave like in source.
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  • Sol Badguy CVS/POTS
  • Sol Badguy CVS/POTS

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