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Downloads: Tekken 1 Screenpack

Tekken 1 Screenpack

Uploaded by Nov 26, 2020
Author Author petkov20
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MUGEN Archive:
Hello guys, nice to see you again.
I hope you are ok, the situation is difficult for all cause of Covid.
Today I present you my latest screenpack... of the video game "Tekken 1"!
It was not an easy conversion for MUGEN but I finally made it!
First of all, I changed the main menu, because the import of the menu picture was impossible. But the main idea of the menu which was created by Namco, is still there.

The things I imported to the screenpack were:
- Options Backround (Adobe Photoshop CS6)
- Character select backround (Adobe Photoshop CS6)
- Versus backround (Adobe Photoshop CS6)
- Player and character select boxes (Adobe Photoshop CS6)
- Lifebars (Adobe Photoshop CS6)
- Sound effects (Audacity)
- Announcer (Audacity, Round 4,5,6,7,8 and 9 I connected the voices of the announcer)
With fonts, as you see, I did my best to find the most suitable fonts. One of them, LT Anomaly was created by a guy with name Lauren Thompson.
With Powerbars, I decided to use the same idea like "Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII".

As the previous screenpack I made, you can store 24 chars. I made it with the "Tekken" way.
Additionally, I made another two versions of this screenpack, like "Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII" which are:
A) 22 chars but all visible
B) 480 chars

In this video, you can see the screenpack in action.

I hope you will like it :)



  • Tekken 1 Screenpack
  • Tekken 1 Screenpack
  • Tekken 1 Screenpack
  • Tekken 1 Screenpack
  • Tekken 1 Screenpack
  • Tekken 1 Screenpack

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