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Hyde Kido-KOFM

Uploaded by Nov 26, 2020
Author Author TrafalgarLawzz edited by OmegaMugener 775
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Here is the second char is Hyde from Under Night In-Birth Games:
-New Sprites
-KOFM Adapted
-KOFM Portraits
-AI Difficulty code by Strong FS
-Supers and Dream Cancels, Power Charge and Dodge Added
(No New Pal due to the sprites something like Lucy Diclounius or Yeorin Lee alike)
I surprised no one wanted to help with the sprites, I think there was a time when everyone wanted to make sprites but now...
but well there is a space in the .def file where you can put your name if you want to make or edit the sprites the space is:
;Sprites ="(Put Here your name)"
you can edit the char however you want, from here my part is done but in here starts your part for editing
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NKt...megaMugener775 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NKtzbGcypE&ab_channel=OmegaMugener775)
Hope you like the char
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  • Hyde Kido-KOFM
  • Hyde Kido-KOFM

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