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Momotaro JUS Edit

Uploaded by Oct 28, 2020
Author Author Planeptune, edit by PackManMUGEN
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Seeing that of all the Planeptune characters he and Femto are my favorites (and I already edited him), I decided to give a proper edit to papa Momo!

No moveset changes, additions, etc, but there are other changes worth noting, like...

~ Yes I stole Karen's "change palette" system I'M SORRYYYYYYYYY T~T but credits to Rivelio and/or Vini for that system
~ Tweaked the default palette to better match the more bold nature of the man known as Momotaro, a man with a sword in bright blue skinny jeans is just silly.
~ Added three more custom-made palettes, for a total of 5 palettes (the math is not wrong, I didn't know that Momotaro already had an alternate palette)
~ Added extra win and intro voice, as well as changed the charge sound effect to have all of Momo's buddies cheer for him. It sounds weird, but you'll get it when you have no meter.
~ One more secret edit I did that you have to fully test the character to find out, get it right in the comments and I'll DM you a prize ;)

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  • Momotaro JUS Edit
  • Momotaro JUS Edit
  • Momotaro JUS Edit
  • Momotaro JUS Edit
  • Momotaro JUS Edit
  • Momotaro JUS Edit

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