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Mighty Stymie
Decent Fighter
Sep 22, 2020
Author Author Mighty Stymie
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I have fixed a bug that generates a fake player helper by a frame.

Thanks to finola for report this bug! In case you find a new bug, do not hesitate to let me know to fix it as soon as possible...

Please do not reupload this character without my permission.

-- Updated Sep 28, 2020-04:06 --

Item #: SCP-3999

Object Class: Apollyon

This is another one of my SCPs created for my fullgame SCP: The Containment Fighters. In addition to 2317 this will also be another Apollyon threat boss.
I used various resources from other authors to create it, such as n64 template, sprites from other projects, all credits to those authors are in the text document, please, make sure to read it.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3999 cannot be contained at the present moment, and currently poses a ZK Class End-of-reality scenario. The most advisable course of action is for Researcher Talloran, believed to be the focal point of SCP-3999, to remove himself from contact with all Foundation sites and personnel to avoid further collateral damage to Foundation property. It is theorized that if Researcher Talloran is contained in an extremely secluded area, then the destructive capabilities of SCP-3999 will temporarily cease
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  • SCP-3999
  • SCP-3999

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