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Downloads: Yang CVS/POTS (Beta)

Yang CVS/POTS (Beta)

Uploaded by Sep 21, 2020
Author Author KarmaCharmeleon
File Size File Size 7.70 MB
Views Views 495
Downloads Downloads 100
Last Reupload Last Reupload Sep 23, 2020
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- Sprites are finally finished (thanks to Rurouni)
- Sound volume was increased (thanks to RagingRowen)
- Yang's victory portrait added (thanks to Trololo).
- F+HP doesn't whiff when up close anymore.
- Tourouzan's effects now match the palette.
- MAX Raishin Mahhaken doesn't whiff when hitting a far opponent anymore.
- Tenshin Senkyutai doesn't randomly whiff anymore.
- Seiei Enbu's damage dampener fixed.
- Chou Raishin Mahhaken startup bumped.

-- Updated Sep 23, 2020-21:07 --

"This is being released as a beta because all Yang is missing are the sprites [...]. Coding-wise, he's done, minus bugs people might find. Me using placeholder animations might happen again with Wild Wolf, who will see the light as a beta someday."

KarmaCharmeleon... (creator)
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  • Yang CVS/POTS (Beta)
  • Yang CVS/POTS (Beta)

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