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Random AI Battles

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Aug 30, 2020
Author Author Inktrebuchet, Zeak6464, Chickenbone
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[ Description ]

This is a batch file to help start random M.U.G.E.N. AI battles one after another.
Character & stage list is generated at the start base on the contents of the "char" and "stages" folder.

Update by Chickenbone on 2020-08-29
Fixes include:
-No longer craps out when choosing stages or characters that have spaces in their names
-No longer selects blank stages or characters (fixed character and stage count)
-No longer allows duplicate fights (same character fighting himself)
-Added support for logging fight results vie MugenWatcher.exe(optional) only works on mugen-1.1b
-Better error checking and cleaned up code for readability

Tip: To prevent characters from showing up on the random list, just hide the specific char folder.
This does not affect the main game. I do this on characters with no AI or excessively cheap AI.

Tip2: Number of rounds is set to 1 in the .bat file. To change it just open the .bat file and
change the "SET rounds= 1" line

[ Instructions ]

This zip should contain two files:

Random-AI-Battles.bat (main file, required)
MugenWatcher.exe (optional)

Copy both files to the root folder wher mugen.exe resides and run Random-AI-Battles.bat.
MugenWatcher.exe is optional and will be launched by Random-AI-Battles.bat if present.
If it is not copied to the root folder, then the fight result is not displayed after the fight.

To exit simple close the Random-AI-Battles.bat and MugenWatcher.exe window

[ Credits ]

Updated and packaged together by Chickenbone

Random-AI-Battles.bat was modified from RANDOM-BATTLE.bat by Inktrebuchet & Zeak6464 found on this thread

MugenWatcher.exe is by Arxos and its original package and source file can be downloaded from
https://mega.nz/#!qpxUVYhD!rdnI_9bKp...8_UgU89b2NczpY (https://mega.nz/#!qpxUVYhD!rdnI_9bKp0X0ozTuhWieMmzrHPw4w8_UgU89b2NczpY)

See orignal thread for more information on MugenWatcher.exe
https://forums.< >.tv/printthread.php?tid=112
(cannot seem to get the above link to show up correctly, the url is also in the readme.txt inside the zip. Go find it there if you are interested)



  • Random AI Battles
  • Random AI Battles
  • Random AI Battles

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