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Downloads: Christian Bale's Batman (char edit)

Christian Bale's Batman (char edit)

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Aug 15, 2020
Author Author by Alucard, Edited to MvC/Vs. Style by Kenshiro99
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I don't own anything, I change his voice that is based from The Dark Knight Trilogy. I also remove the MVC Announcer voice, the text combos & changed his forward cycle. I thought his original forward cycle was a bit over-showing, Batman is supposed to be smart so I make him to be a bit confident & polite. Of course his color palette is 98% accurate from the film, Batman Begins. (I realised I'm the only person in MUGEN to change Batman's voice into Christian Bale's Version & sure I understand some of the controversies that Bale had real life which also means I know about the Bale Rant Audio) I do have a respect for his own portrayal of the Dark Knight in which I also felt the same with Ben Affleck, Kevin Conroy, Mihcael Keaton & Adam West. I also thank you for downloading my own edited version of this character & thank you Bill Finger/Bob Kane for creating a character that I thought is the best hero in history in my honest opinion.

Note: If you have a problem, please reply & if you think the character has a low voice, make it higher at Mugen Factory. A quick tip, the audio you want to use to change the voice of the character must be mono & wav. If you want it to do it now. Use Sony Vegas.

link for the original file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/am55ad...anMVC.rar/file (http://www.mediafire.com/file/am55ad6rdtwi3m3/BatmanMVC.rar/file)

I am changing the video link for the representation of this character, it will be there soon...
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  • Christian Bale's Batman (char edit)
  • Christian Bale's Batman (char edit)

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