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Dark Cosmic Sanders

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Aug 13, 2020
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Hey kids, You thought the colonels fried chicken was BAD before?..

Wait until you get a load of what they made THIS bucket of flailed-chicken with!

Introducing the most UNHOLY colonel to ever serve the armies of darkness from the A-nega-dimension of the assholians! Deep fried in the lightless suns of yohg? Fear-battered until flat under the shadow-giants feet of the macabe conquered undramitas planets of shighth?? ROASTED with lashed-potatoes on a spit as a sacrifice to the darkest growing leaders of darkness???
Then say ah, BEND OVER pray to god with his silence and enjoy the Dark Cosmic Colonels millions of ways to FRY your mortal-*** so hard in his huge grills that shao kahn HIMSELF WILL BLUUUUSH!!!

Feel the PAIN and the RAWNESS as it takes segata, Chuck norris and everything else to keep you from fainting and selling your soul to the COLONEL!!!!! with all your flesh and taste-buds at maximum-power with each and every blast of black goo that comes out of your CHICKEN!! IIS IT CHICKEN? Maybe WHOLE PLANETS GROUNDED UP from their existence into by-product?? WHO KNOWS! Gain everything but LOSE everything if you lose at the task of daring to taste the tasty tempting truckload of evil- I mean delicious trough-meat grown in the bellies of TRANSCENDED EVIL FETUSES!!
Dark COLONELS!!!!!!! Cosmic CHICKEN!! Its OVER 9000 souls merged with our meateries A DAAAAAY!!!
(Warning, All food made entirely of skeleton-powder) - Open 24/7 all day, Through the wailing of the damned ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!

Once again, No idea where he came from (I stored a bunch of these from everywhere in 2016) But here he is.
Sure as could be that this guy wouldnt work, Lo and behold as i persevered until this former inoperable husk now does! At first Mr dark cosmic colonel had the literal powers of doctor-strange and even greater speed than he does now.. Buuut this came with the consequence of both freezing constantly to the point of unworkability for both him and any opponents. Still, And trust me on this, Theres a liiittle bit of doctor strange left in him *wink*. Past is the past though.. All that matters is that he functions, Freeze-free. Far as i could see.. This colonel isnt on this site. Enjoy.

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  • Dark Cosmic Sanders
  • Dark Cosmic Sanders

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