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Super Mario

Uploaded by Nov 06, 2015
Author Author ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH
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SUPER MARIO (102% Complete?)

Made by ShinRyoga and Neo Ankh
For WinMugen (Created by Elecbyte)

*All art by Brad "ShinRyoga" Moore ([email protected])
*All programming by Jason "Neo Ankh" Kidd ([email protected])


***Nintendo had nothing to do with this fanwork. It's just my work of appreciation to Nintendo for so many great characters and games, providing and a lifetime of enjoyment.***


Well, it's been a long while since SuperMario was officially released upon the Mugen scene. I have been gone for a few years, so I missed the whole WinMugen-hack-thing or whatever happened. I hope the folks of Elecbyte are doing well, and I thank you so very much for everything you've done for the communty. God bless you guys.

I suppose you could consider this the 102% version of SuperMario for WinMugen. It's basically just the old DOS version with some tweaking. Future updates may possibly be released with minor additions or fixes.


- Some artwork changes (Portraits, EX AirGlide, etc.)
- Added sounds, and some voice edits by JudgeSpear.
- Coding optimized by Winane, as well as palettes and several other problems with WinMugen.
- Spin Throw glitch, and other WinMugen glitches fixed by Valodim.
- Attack power weakened. He was way too strong before with how combo-easy he is.
- Palettes have been given subtle differences to stand apart from each other.
- All attacks that required 2 punches or 2 kicks can be done with any combination of X,Y,Z or A,B,C.
- Coins added to Coin Punch by Thomas Hsieh, optimized by Winane.



標hen you download Mario, unzip him and make sure the folder name is "SuperMario".
姫lace "SuperMario" folder into the "chars" folder within the folder for Mugen.
膝o to "data" folder...the open "select" def file using NOTEPAD.
百croll down to where it says the following:

;Insert your characters below.

kfm, stages/kfm.def


謬ype in "SuperMario" above or below "kfm". Like so:

;Insert your characters below.

kfm, stages/kfm.def


Save the altered "select" file....and SuperMario will then show up in the Character Selection screen next time you run Mugen.

For stages, empty the stage's contents into the "stages" folder, then in the "select" file, type in the stage's name under the section for extra stages. Like so:


If you want Mario's default stage to be Peach's Castle....put his name like this in the characters section of the "select" file:

;Insert your characters below.

SuperMario, stages/PeachCastle.def
kfm, stages/kfm.def




SuperMario is a six-button character, and can "chain" most attacks together.

X - Light Punch (jab)

Y - Medium Punch (strong)

Z - Hard Punch (fierce)

A - Light Kick (short)

B - Medium (forward)

C - Hard Kick (roundhouse)

He can double jump, and tapping forward twice makes him run.

Tapping back twice makes him roll backward mostly invincible.

Tapping 2 kicks simultaneously makes him roll forward invincible

Down+Z is his "launcher", knocking the opponent into the air.

Hold up directly after to "super jump" up with them to combo. Tapping down then up quickly also super jumps

Down+C is his spinning sweep kick...hits opponents in front and behind him.

Press Start to make him taunt....which can give him more super meter.


* Fireball - (D,DF,F + any punch) (can be done in air)

* Tornado Spin - (D,DB,B + any punch) (can be done in air)

* Coin Punch - (F,D,DF + any punch)

* Air Glide - (Tap Forward twice in air)

* Head Stomp - (D+A in air)

* Drill Kick - (D+B in air)

* Butt Stomp - (D+C in air)

* Slide Kick - (run, hold forward + C)

* Spin Throw - (press punch + kick of equal strength together....ex: A+X, B+Y, or C+Z) (can be done in air)

EX SPECIALS (One level of super meter):

* EX Fireball - (D,DF,F, + 2 punches) (Can be done in air)

* EX Tornado Spin - (D,DB,B, 2 punches) (Can be done in air) (can cancel into EX Coin Punch)

* EX Coin Punch - (F,D,DF, 2 punches)

* EX Air Glide - (Tap B,B,F quickly in the air) (can cancel into EX Butt Stomp)

* EX Butt Stomp - (Down + 2 kicks in air)

* EX Spin Throw - (D,DB,B, punch + kick of equal strength)

* EX Coin Punch Counter - (B,DB,D + Z) (Done while blocking....takes 2 levels of super meter)

LEVEL-3 Super Moves (Uses fully charged super meter):

* Invincible Star - (D,DF,F, D,DF,F + A) (Mario is invincible for 7 seconds)

* Super Hammer - (D,DF,F, D,DF,F + B)

* Super Flame - (D,DF,F, D,DF,F + C)



* (x) - Standard Mario color (Red hat/shirt, blue overalls)

* (a) - Luigi color (Green hat/shirt, blue overalls)

* (y) - Wario color (Yellow hat/shirt, purple overalls)

* (b) - Waluigi color (Purple hat/shirt, dark overalls)

* (z) - Fire Mario (White hat/shirt, red-orange overalls)

* (c) - Switched Mario color (Blue hat/shirt, red overalls)

SPECIAL PALETTES (These have special abilities....see down below):

* (Hold start, press x or a) - "Neo" Mario

* (Hold start, press y or b) - "Ghost" Mario

* (Hold start, press z or a) - "Stone" Mario


"SuperMario" (Any of the normal attack buttons)

(No major strengths or weaknesses)

"NeoMario" (Start + X or A)
(Mario wearing black...has green after-images trailing behind him)

(Hits can cancel into any other hit)
(No juggle check)
(Air Glide and Butt Stomp speed boost)
(Wall Jump....allows for up to 4 jumps)
(Infinite Guard Cancel....drains Super meter but can do it without any)
(TIME FREEZE....Down x3 when Life Bar is low....Level 3 Super)
(Careful though...this freezes your teammate as well!)

(Extremely low attack damage)
(Cannot throw at all)
(Cannot use EX Specials)
(Cannot use Level-3 Super moves)

"GhostMario" (Start + Y or B)
(Mario is all white except skin, is transparent...no shadow)

(Almost completely invulnerable)
(More powerful throws)
(Super meter auto-fills rapidly)
(Invincible Star makes his attacks unblockable/more damage)
(Last hit of Super Hammer is unblockable)
(Gives teammate Super meter even after KO)
(TELEPORT....Down x3...brings you near opponent)

(Life Bar drains rapidly...even during Level-3 Supers)
(Gotta take them out before you "enter the light!"

"StoneMario" (Start + Z or C)
(Mario is all gray...shakes screen when landing or running)

(Takes less damage from attacks)
(Attacks do more damage)
(Hard Punch knocks opponent across the screen)
(STATUE BLAST....Down x3 after getting Level-1 Super meter....drains meter fast)
(Turns Mario into an invulnerable/immobile statue)
(Any attack button Mario bust out of statue for moderate damage to opponent)

(Super meter constantly depletes)
(Cannot use Air Glide)
(Cannot perform Level-3 Supers....unless GhostMario is teammate)



* I'd like to thank God for our talents and and for sending your son Jesus....my Savior.

* Elecbyte for creating the M.U.G.E.N fighting engine.

* Winane, Valodim, Rehapp, Kamek, Artisto, Kung Fu Man, Reu, Psicoso, ElRyano,
ShoShingo, Doorhenge, JudgeSpear, Doctor M, Orochi Herman, BB Hood, Willoughby Jackson,
Chairman Kaga, Rich Lockard, and ElRyano for the assistance! This is a list from
mostly 6 years ago or so...so if you helped us and we forgot to list your name,
we are deeply sorry. Just let me know.

* Everyone in the Mugen community for continued support and for all the compliments!

* Nintendo! For creating Mario, and making the best games in the business. (By the way, please don't sue us......we love you guys and buy all your products. This is non-profit, and is made in the deepest respects to your characters. Thanks again!)

* HAL Laboratory Inc, Capcom, Retro Studios, Microsoft, Apple Computer, and Adobe Systems Inc.

* THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO DOWNLOADED OUR FIRST MUGEN CREATION! I hope you enjoy him. Also, don't forget to watch his ending...it's over 5 minutes long!

* Thank you Neo Ankh, for being a great friend and helping me with SuperMario! I could never have done this without you, buddy.

* My family and friends. I love you, guys.

* My sweet Elizabeth, for being the greatest part of my life. Thank you for everything
that you are. I love you, beautiful.


Thanks again, everyone...and God bless! ^_^
- Brad "ShinRyoga" Moore
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