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Downloads: Mymyamo "Meow" V3 Beta

Mymyamo "Meow" V3 Beta

Uploaded by Aug 11, 2020
Author Author Lucario13570
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP7Y...ature=youtu.be (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP7YzMt3kes&feature=youtu.be)
Mymyamo "Meow" Is finally complete as a playable beta!
One of the only reason why I made this Meow in the first place is because the Meow I made 4 years ago sucked balls, and I attempted to remake him for 4 years now, but I end up quitting from lack of motivation or scared it would get shat on.

Anyways, here's the moves he has and how to do them.
================================================== ====
Controller Swing (He swings a controller) d, df, f, x
Junk Toss (Tosses trash from his room) d, df, f, y
Phone Stun (He stuns the opponent with his phone) d, df, f, z
================================================== ====
Specials (EX Variants)
Controller Swing EX (He swings a controller 3 times) d, db, b, x
Junk Toss EX (Trash takes more hits) d, db, b, y
Phone Stun EX (He stuns the opponent with his phone for a longer period of time and deals slightly more damage) d, db, b, z
================================================== ====
Hypers (Or Supers)
Triggerhappy much? (Meow whips out Dandy's ray gun and shoots the shit out of the opponent [15 times]) d, df, f, x + y
Energy (1 bar)
Intergalactic Chainsaw Massacre (Meow gets a chainsaw and mauls the opponent) d, df, y + z
Energy (2 bars)

Anyways, please enjoy my most recent character ;3 (at this date 8/11/2020)
If there are any bugs, notify me in discord at LTD911.#4975 OR at my YT and comment on my channel.
BACKUP DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sruio...1BETA.zip/file (https://www.mediafire.com/file/sruioncbt60ufja/Meow911BETA.zip/file)
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  • Mymyamo "Meow" V3 Beta
  • Mymyamo "Meow" V3 Beta

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