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Downloads: Black Widow SM2 MvC UPDATE

Black Widow SM2 MvC UPDATE

Uploaded by Aug 11, 2020
Author Author (^o^)
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This is an update to a Black Widow MvC patch. With MvC2 features (and all the usual bugs that I can't fix ... kkk)
Seeing the great work done on his sprites by Whiplash, and the art of SUPERFERNANDOXT portraits and super portraits motivated me, and I made some improvements in their gameplay and effects.
Hope you like it.

In this Update I'm using a original super jump code (thanks Ilusionista). In addition to formatting dash attacks, normal damage and shutting down Parry. However, Hyper Attcks damage control is still a mystery to me ...

This char contains the two versions of Black Widow.

Good game.
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  • Black Widow SM2 MvC UPDATE
  • Black Widow SM2 MvC UPDATE

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