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Golden Palace

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Aug 11, 2020
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No graphical touchups, but a crucial bugfix. This is an older version of the Golden Palace stage, which has a reflective floor. When this stage was originally made, floor reflections weren't yet built into Mugen/MKP, so a whole other method of coding was used that involved creating inverted duplicates of the characters to achieve the effect. Unfortunately though for certain MKP characters, this resulted in a weird glitch where two extra clones of the character would be created and would sit in the two far corners of the stage and could even be attacked and moved around the arena by the opponent.

Mugen/MKP of course now has its very own (and much more streamlined) floor reflection effect in its more recent builds, which makes the old code for this stage's reflection effects completely useless. So what I have here is the older version of the stage with the reflective floor, except now I've done away with the old coding and made it simply use MKP's built-in reflection effect so that it no longer has the issue with creating excess clones of certain characters. Most downloads of this version of the stage that are out there - that I've seen anyway - still use the old coding and thus retain the cloning bug.

Obviously you'll only want to use this stage with newer versions of MKP that support the newer floor reflection effects.
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