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Lisa Lisa Update

Uploaded by Aug 10, 2020
Author Author Men's Club (Base) + Heal The World (edited by Kak)
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Well the Lisa Lisa Character by Heal The World isn't a great gameplay since it uses Young Joseph moves from the Men's Club version, but I update some moves and fixed bugs. I also ripped some voices without any music background from ASB. Here are some features I changed and added:

I changed the Super Move perform action using the Warusaki3 codes.

I added a Super Move, "Super Aja". To perform it: D, DB, B, x+y, or y+z, or x+z, or b,

I added and changed a Special Move in the ground or air, "Blasphemy is prohibited!" To perform it: D, DB, B, x, or y, or z, or b,

I added a Stylish Cancel.

I changed the Old Stand Button Special Move (I don't know the name of it) to Hamon Charge like in All Star Battle.

I fixed the hitboxes bugs like her Air Basic Attacks from the older version. I was lazy for her Stand and Crouch Attacks, sorry.

I added a rumble mode feature from All Star Battle.

I improved the "Name Of The Character WIN" and "To Be Continued" animation.

I improved the Death Portrait when defeated by the enemy using the Super Move on the player and like in Heritage For The Future

and I think that's all I say for the changes.

Now the Interactions I added that she can talk to:

Old Joseph

Hol Horse




Herself (Mirror Match)

and Speedwagon

I hope you enjoy this edit and find some bugs if you want to.


Warusaki3 for some codes and sprites I used.

Men's Club as a base used by Heal The World.

Jirougaki for the Death Portrait codes.

amarimono for the Hamon Charge and ASB Rumble Mode codes.

Heal The World for making Lisa Lisa.

and @kiritoonline for the anime edit for the palette.
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  • Lisa Lisa Update
  • Lisa Lisa Update

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