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Aug 10, 2020
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Metal slug level: 'MS1-bridge'
Currently this level is missing from most of the net due to bad links on uncaring file sharing sites. I had to ask the creator of this to death to share it one more time, Half-certain during it that he wasnt going to.
Miracles do happen..
Too bad you cant do that with other missing mugen content! : / :3
1.1 ( I think he said.. But give it a try, It worked on 1.0 for me)

This level is AMAZING! Just sea to the horizon for days and a level uncomfortably close to the deep ocean, If only all levels were similar to this. Would look amazing with you/freind vs one of those colossal-sized characters like neptune or burner because theyd be sticking right out of the sea. :3

I cant BEGIN to tell how many times ive tried to just find and add one of these to the roster.. Dead link(s). Theres lots more like this missing, But did what i could for now.
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  • MS1-bridge

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