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Downloads: Santana (Updated!)

Santana (Updated!)

Uploaded by Aug 09, 2020
Author Author Ditchu and Ryder The Jojo
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Here we are again! Me and @Ryder the JoJo made some new additions to Santana, the most underrated pillar men of all of them.

-So what's new?
New palletes and Color Separation implemented by @Naza15 and @Ryder the JoJo.
New effects (Kanji) for some of his attacks and movement.

+Stylish Cancel (seen in All Star Battle) is now implemented. (command = "b" (when performing an attack))
+Guard Push (seen in Heritage to the Future) is now implemented. (command = "b" (when on Guard))

Counter Move and Counter Special can now be used against air attacks.
Some voice clips are now better and more listenable.
New Intro and new Interaction with Stroheim.

-Fool Flesh now cost energy.
-Rib Attack 2 has now a delay, to prevent spamming or infinite combos/cornering.

I would like to give some special thanks to @Kakyoin-Kun for the last edit of Santana (He implemented stuff that I forgot while making the original char, and it's really good!)
This were the changes, not to many, but it's good enough to have it uploaded. Report any bugs if you find any, stay safe, and I hope you have fun!
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  • Santana (Updated!)
  • Santana (Updated!)

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