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Downloads: Blood Solo

Blood Solo

Uploaded by Aug 09, 2020
Author Author Y77+&Donald_Yupi
File Size File Size 95.94 MB
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One of the stranger Donald edit types given a Solo style remake by Yupi, also using his own "New Dot Donald" as a sprite base. The blood aspect mainly gives his hamburgers and shakes a new blood infused design, buffs all of his classic specials and hypers, and his various explosives are now loud blood bombs. All his other effects are blood red too. He is based on the earliest version of Donald Solo as well, but still fairly overpowered compared to the average character. He also has the unique ability to use an Akuma-like "Ashura Warp" in midair, either forwards or backwards. His classic downward potato blade strike is now a baseball bat-esque swing upwards that serves as a potent launcher, a very subtle but interesting change. Donald Girl can also fire a Jotaro pose finger laser as well. Can resurrect if defeated with full power and gain a homing instant kill Raging Demon.

Definitely not recommended if very large amounts of blood are not what you'd prefer to see.
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  • Blood Solo
  • Blood Solo

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