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Downloads: Pinky (Updated 6/8/2020)

Pinky (Updated 6/8/2020)

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Christian Nunez
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Aug 06, 2020
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I just updated my char Pinky from Animaniacs and Pinky and The Brain with some changes and bug fixes.

The Wakko, Yakko and Dot helpers has been removed
Updated icon, select and win portraits
Added slide special attack
Updated some sprites and poses
The AI beings weaker
The MvC2 hitsparks has been removed and get remplaced by the hitspark from the projectible special attack
The projectible special attack, now becomes to infinity, because it is the inspiration in the GBA game
Fixed some bugs and glitches
Updated and fixed some codings
Upated the hyper portrait and the sound active
Added, putted and updated some sounds little bit.

And so, what do you think of my character update?
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  • Pinky (Updated 6/8/2020)
  • Pinky (Updated 6/8/2020)

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