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Downloads: SCP-2317 (Beta)

SCP-2317 (Beta)

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Mighty Stymie
Decent Fighter
Aug 04, 2020
Author Author Mighty Stymie
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Item #: SCP-2317
Object Class: Apollyon

It is a beta of my character SCP I join the mame of making characters, I would like to see what the public thinks and maybe finish the character.
It is basic, it has 4 different attacks and a hyper, it is quite easy to use so newbies can easily get hold of it.

Credits to http://pixelartmaker.com/art/8d2591203979d6e (Anonymous author) for the sprites. (I edit a little of them)

Thanks to the support they have given me, I will be able to continue this character.
What is missing and what will be next?
-An AI. (Attempt of bossfight).
-More moves and helpers
-Improvisation and changes of boxes.
-Superguard to avoid multiple damage.
-Winposes, sounds.
-Something they suggest c: (Except null character) xD
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  • SCP-2317 (Beta)
  • SCP-2317 (Beta)

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