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Downloads: Valentine VSelect Fix

Valentine VSelect Fix

Uploaded by Aug 04, 2020
Author Author Dead Tech, Imperius
File Size File Size 48.24 MB
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Ever wanted to use VSelect but some chars just crash it to the desktop when you add them, well then this version is for you, i fixed that bug along with many others animation bugs and a few more errors happening under the cns file.
The only downside is that this version will only work for Mugen 1.1 but teorically it should run faster now coz the sff is lighter for this version.
Also the file size is smaller than the original version coz of the Mugen 1.1 optimizations.

This is the original version:

Author comment:
This is my first creation for MUGEN. Behold, SkullGirls Valentine.
She is a 6-button character with all the standard moves.

I developed her without ever playing any of the console games, so her game play is unique.

Her large file size is due to full size HD sprites.

She features:
6-Button attacks
10 Special Attacks
6 Hyper Attacks
Intro & Ending credits
Original Character & Hit sounds
Player Information
Advanced Metadata
Move List Move List NEW!



  • Valentine VSelect Fix
  • Valentine VSelect Fix

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