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Downloads: Funny Valentine JUS edit

Funny Valentine JUS edit

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Jul 12, 2020
Author Author Kinightmare 404
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Hello everyone, this is my first edit so of course it can get bad or have bugs and I don’t know how to do char so I thought about editing this char.
and I owe all my credit to the original creator of this char (Knightmare 404) for making the best Valentine he could and also to a YouTube user for helping me with this one.
I decided to edit this character because it was weak and so I decided to leave it OP
and I will probably do a V2 of this char.
very well, what did I edit this char?

- D4C Love Train is infinite
- There is no limit on clones and they also have no time to disappear
-when he dies, he returns from full life instead of a small fraction.

these are the edits of this char, i would like to ask how do i make him have more time to stay hidden in the other dimension and also the increase in the number of bullets he shoots.

enjoy this char!
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  • Funny Valentine JUS edit
  • Funny Valentine JUS edit

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