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Madara Updated

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Jul 12, 2020
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It's me again. If you've visited the original Naruto characters page you will have seen my changes to this Madara, but if you haven't don't worry because I have updated and refined him even further. I have reverted his size to match the JUS chars and avoid clipping issues with his moves along with creating health for each Susanoo. Originally, they worked by having variable 6 take health away from Madara which you could change to have more or less health be taken away. The issue with this was that it allowed Madara to stay in his Susanoo either for too long despite taking massive amounts of damage (which in the anime would have knocked him out of it instantly) or it made so that the Susanoo didn't even protect him by allowing him to take damage. I've changed it so that the Susanoo's will have heath (500,1000,1500 for the three levels) and once an opponent deals enough damage the Susanoo will break and Madara will fall down. There is also a time limit that will prevent Madara from staying in his Susanoo indefinitely. This is something I've been trying to learn how to do for a long time and I'm so happy that I finally figured it out. I hope all of you enjoy this new and improved Madara.
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  • Madara Updated
  • Madara Updated

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