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Downloads: Contra Screenpack

Contra Screenpack

Uploaded by Jul 11, 2020
Author Author petkov20
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Hello guys, I hope you have a good summer.
I decided to make a screenpack based to NES video game "Contra".
I imported some stuff that I made which are:
- Player Boxes
- Character Boxes
- Life Bars
- Power Bars.

I Imported some stuff from the original game which are:
- Sound Effects
- Title Backround
- Character Select backround
- Pictures of the Loading screen (I made loading screen instead of Versus screen)

I Imported some stuff I found in the Internet which are:
- Game font made by a user with name Patrick Lauke
- Title backround music made by a youtube user with name TitlebyJamboStreetProductions
- Character Select music made by a youtube user with name JohnVullo
In this video, you will see how the screenpack works.
See ya!



  • Contra Screenpack
  • Contra Screenpack
  • Contra Screenpack
  • Contra Screenpack

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