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Uploaded by Jul 11, 2020
Author Author KarmaCharmeleon
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=====<Move Details>=====

- You can Super Cancel into Custom Combo.
- Punch Zero Counter leaves opponent stunned briefly.
- EX Soul Spiral and EX Soul Throw both have invincibility on startup.
- LP Soul Reflect gives Rose meter when shielding a projectile. MP and HP both reflect single-hit projectiles.
- EX Soul Reflect reflects two-hitting projectiles. At melee range, it launches the opponent so it can be juggled afterwards with any attack;
however, this can only be done once per combo.
- First part of MAX Aura Soul Spark reflects any three-hitting projectiles.

=====<Gameplay Notes>=====

- Some Normal attacks can be canceled into Command, Special and Super moves
- Some Special moves can be canceled into Super moves
- Some Lv1 Super moves can be canceled into MAX Super moves
- Cancelling a Special, Super move or Custom Combo into a Super move resets the juggle points
but also reduces its damage

- Removes cancellable attack restrictions and gives you a lot of freedom to combo them
- Juggle limit is lifted
- You can only use EX Special or Super moves from the point the character starts flashing faster
and brighter, and doing so ends Custom Combo
- Gives you a short invulnerability window at the start

=====<Version History>=====

- First release

=====<Special Thanks>=====
- FeLo_Llop for original sprites, Drex for color separation, aokmaniac13 for correct axis
- Jesuszilla for his CFJ/SFA3 Data tool
- Jmorphman and P.o.t.S. for code, effects, hitsparks, formatting style
- Jmorphman and Just no Point for the buffering system
- MotorRoach for fixing visuals
- RagingRowen for fixing volume issues
- ViolinKen and Mr.I for help on ripping
- Umezono for VFX help
- BigBadPalettier, DivineWolf, Drex, L.E.O.N. for palettes
- DivineWolf, DM7, Jmorphman and PeXXer for feedback

Another character created by KarmaCharmeleon... I really admire your work, it is really perfect!
I hope you like it the same way I liked it!
Thank you very much.
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  • Rose CvS/POTS
  • Rose CvS/POTS

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