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Downloads: Korea - KOF 97 Online

Korea - KOF 97 Online

Uploaded by Jul 10, 2020
Author Author K6666orochi
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I find it strange not to have found this stage here... So if it is a repeated one, I would very much appreciate it if they corrected me.
Contains 2 .def files
one to be able to use it in 640x480 (recommended to use)

Sorry for modifying the original file a bit, but I did it because the stage gave me a graphic error with the zoom.
If you want to have it as it was originally, go into the .def and add this:
zoomin = 1.00
zoomout = 0.90

k6666orochi is a great creator of stages and characters, I hope you like it as much as I liked it.
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  • Korea - KOF 97 Online

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