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Downloads: Samchay Tomyamgun (CVS/POTS)

Samchay Tomyamgun (CVS/POTS)

Uploaded by Jul 09, 2020
Author Author [email protected] [email protected], Dampir, & Skeletor EX
File Size File Size 8.05 MB
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Last Reupload Last Reupload Jul 13, 2020
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Hey guys! Its me [email protected] [email protected] again, This time I'm showing off yet another character that I've been working on with the help of Dampir & Skeletor EX which is a revamp into the Infinite/Pots style. It's Samchay Tomyamgun from Fighter's History. Remember him? Dampir did his CVS-ish retouch to Samchay's sprites, and Skeletor EX did a lot of additional sprites along with testing him out. I tried my best to make him feel like he did from the game he game he came from and also a mix between something new and old yet solid. Make sure you guys check the config file and read me because I made a option to where now you can choose between having wall bounce or not. I will add this feature on older characters in the updates to come. Now we finally have another Muay Thai fighter in Pots/Infinite Style on SNK's side. Anyway hope you guys enjoy! And remember to like the video. More characters on the way ;-)
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  • Samchay Tomyamgun (CVS/POTS)
  • Samchay Tomyamgun (CVS/POTS)

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