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Uploaded by Jul 07, 2020
Author Author Jafarpsx/SSMob
File Size File Size 32.20 MB
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; this is the ultimate mkp cyber ninja!with more then 20 moves and a 15 hit combo!
; now ready for mkp new era and and mkp chaotic 2.3 or higher, as far as i know,maybe in even more mkp it can work

; can anybodie fixe the upperfloored glich and to fixe the broken fatality for me?

; the fatality sound and the darker licht popping up,but nothing happens so,
; i think is a verry small typing error somwhere in some file most likely it woud be in the the fatality.st

; delete this top section out of your def file! i made an mistak i forgot to put in front ------------------- 2 times the sign ;
; charracter working probaply only those 2 gliches need 2 be fixed still. [and of course the 2 line errors by me created when i uploaded this file]
; and ive you later after the fixes woud upload this character again your my hero or ****** [not harddrugs lol]
; re-upload this fighter for me? i really woud appressiat that.
; only 1 fixed ninya is enough
; i tried to fiks the multie floored move glitxh but unable to completly fixe it.

; i added default battelplan intro / ending cutscene's
; aggressor/runbar error fixed for new era or mkp chaotic 2.3 or higher
; by KenjiVanaDeVara aka Parasonc


name ="Cyber-Ninja"
displayname ="Cyber-Ninja"
versiondate =06,03,2001
mugenversion =1.0
pal.defaults =1,2
localcoord = 400,254

manny thanks to
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  • Cyber-Ninja
  • Cyber-Ninja

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