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Downloads: Jimmy Lee CVS (edited)

Jimmy Lee CVS (edited)

Uploaded by Jul 06, 2020
Author Author RYO 2005, Koldskool, Mark85
File Size File Size 5.38 MB
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Whats Done
Recoded basics
Recoded Special moves,
Recoded Red Rage projectile as helper
Removed Dragon's Breath
Gun Blow command is now ~D, DF, F, D, DB, B, x+y and y+z, x+z
Coded Ex versions of Special moves(Ex cannon Kick does ground bounce and Ex Heat Hurricane last hit does ground bounce)
Animation timings adjusted
removed config and chain combos
Implementation of corner push system

Whats Left
Custom Combo implementation
Replace hitsounds and guardsounds
New Supermove
Recode Elbow Pound and Rising Uppercut
Heat Hurricane followups got to get recoded

An edit by Mark for Jimmy that was originally created by RYO 2005.
This edition features some improvements that Kold was unable to make.

Thank you very much Mark, you did an excellent job.
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  • Jimmy Lee CVS (edited)
  • Jimmy Lee CVS (edited)
  • Jimmy Lee CVS (edited)
  • Jimmy Lee CVS (edited)
  • Jimmy Lee CVS (edited)

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