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Downloads: Anubis Polnareff Upgrade

Anubis Polnareff Upgrade

Uploaded by Jul 06, 2020
Author Author Warusaki3 + Jakew + Ettore15 + Naza15 + Kak-Kun
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Alright, here's a another Anubis Polnareff update with some things I improved. I upgraded the Death portrait and the supermove background. I upgraded the supermove where he gets you with the sword with blood added from Nimame's Chaka codes. I added the fall spark when he falls down to the ground. I added the text from HFTF like "first attack" when he hits the enemy first and the "learned" after the enemy hits the counter move. I improved the anime palette. I fixed the shoe color that bugged me a little from the older one.


Warusaki3: For making Anubis Polnareff

Nimame: For codes like the Chaka move blood, and the Polnareff death portrait codes.

Amarimono: For codes for the first attack and learned.

41: From 41's DIO, for borrowing the first attack code that he made when he developing his own DIO.

@Naza15: For the color separation and Polnareff anime palette from I used.

JakeW: Maybe for making a anime palette?

and @Ettore15 for the anime voice patch.
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  • Anubis Polnareff Upgrade
  • Anubis Polnareff Upgrade

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