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Downloads: Magic Nanaya+ HUUNSAIKI

Magic Nanaya+ HUUNSAIKI

Uploaded by 5th June 2020
Author Author ZETA
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Version 1.6

A Shiki Nanaya edit that combines just about every classic MUGEN character (especially the joke characters) into one
See if you can count all of the references

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  • Magic Nanaya+ HUUNSAIKI
  • Magic Nanaya+ HUUNSAIKI

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7th June 2020 at 04:31
@3rd Snowball Yeah, actually, you may have a point there
3rd Snowball
7th June 2020 at 04:16
Every Mugen character? I primarily just saw The_None and Ahuron references with a splash of "Kung Fu Man with SSBB Assists". Maybe every TN character? That Pac-Man intermission sequence was pure gold though.