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Sakura HFTF

Uploaded by Jun 04, 2020
Author Author Kakyoin-Kun
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Here's my another SF character in HFTF gameplay style now. I had worked for this long and added some JJBA sprites to make it more complete. It has a readme in different languages, one is English and the other is Japanese. In my readme, I listed the moves, also the author's names for the codes I borrowed and converted. I used Hiraemon and y.y's edit of Part 4 Jotaro as a base. I added a new death portrait by Orochi Herman (I forgot to list him) and added blood on her mouth. I think this character is way better than my old Ryu HFTF character. I will have to rework him soon. I'm sorry to the people in my SF in HFTF style group that I finished my Ryu, but not good enough. Feel free if you see any bugs of this character also. I will try to fix them.

Demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMsDkh7Uk1o

I forgot to list the authors also for reasons:

G.knux19 for some good quality of Sakura SF4 Japanese voices.

[email protected] for providing the Sakura SF4 Japanese voices and I volumed to loud a little

I forgot the author name for providing the SFV Japanese voice for Karin so credit to him anyways.
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  • Sakura HFTF
  • Sakura HFTF

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