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Downloads: Diavolo (Released!)

Diavolo (Released!)

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Jun 03, 2020
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It's here. For real this time! After an entire year, the Mafia Boss himself, now is fully revealed and ready to fight!

Now, all of the sprites are fully unshadowed. Including basics attacks, movements, specials and hurt sprites are now in the revealed form of the Mafia Boss, Diavolo!
And, for real, I couldn't have done this without the help of the amazing people of JJBA MUGEN Server and some additional help, so I encourage you to say a thanks to them as well:

@Mawosi˘ for helping me with some sprites as well as design of him (and helping in some various others ways too!)
Stylish with helping the making of the design too (O don't know his tag on MA, lol)
@Babsbabsbabs and @Ettore15 for the ASB references!
@RedPooler for the portrait!
Amarimono, for... you know him already.

Thanks for all the support, and for the pacience too! Enjoy the character!
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  • Diavolo (Released!)
  • Diavolo (Released!)

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