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Downloads: Rocky Desert

Rocky Desert

Uploaded by Jun 02, 2020
Author Author CoolAnimeHustler
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Hello Everyone! I Hope All Of You Are Doing Well Today! I Finally Finished My 217th MUGEN Stage For The MUGEN Engine! Whew... I Don't Know Why... But Today's Weather Was Very Hot! You Know What That Means? You Don't? Well...It Gave Me Motivation To Make Another Desert Stage! This Desert Environment Will Have A Lot Of Sand And Rocks Around Your Fighters! Make Sure They Keep Their Guard Up Or They Will Taste The Sand Bed Of Hard Rock! Sounds Painful Just Saying It! LOL! This Can Be A Great Stage For Those Loner Or Bandit MUGEN Fighters Trying Discover Their Own Path In The MUGEN World! Lets Hope It Ends Well, Yo! I Made This A Normal Stage And Messed With The Bounds And Tensions To Make Sure Your MUGEN Fighters Are Adjusting Properly With The Stage! I Love How This Stage Turned Out! I'm Going To Call This Stage "Rocky Desert". Ahhhhh... Today Felt Like 100 Degrees... So Thirsty... Say... Anybody Got A Cold Drink? No? Okay! LOL! Have Fun All You Awesome MUGEN Fans! (o^.^)-b Enjoy Another Desert Themed Stage For Your Fighters! If You Want To Tryout This Stage In Your Mugen, Click The Picture For Madd Awesome Environments, Yo! *Peace* ʕु-̫͡-ʔु” ⛰️
Thank you very much to @CoolAnimeHustler for this incredible stage!
It really is very good!

I hope you like it as much as I liked it
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  • Rocky Desert

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