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Downloads: Master Roshi JUS No Crash

Master Roshi JUS No Crash

Uploaded by Jun 01, 2020
Author Author JOAN QUIÑONES/Imperius
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Original character had plenty of bugs and was crashing the game so i decided to fix everything for my game and share it here for the ones that want a bug free version of him.

What was made:
*Fixed engine logic controller that was causing the crashes
*Added all missing palletes
*Added missing float values
*Replaced empty sprites
*Fixed all PlaySnd incorrect sintax
*Added values for all hitdef controllers
*Added values for all velsets
*Added values for all explod controllers
*Fixed portraits sizes
*Fixed dates

I tested this A LOT and got no crahes nor any kind of bug so if you get anything please let me know.

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  • Master Roshi JUS No Crash
  • Master Roshi JUS No Crash

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