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Downloads: Reptile MK1 (Secret Moves)

Reptile MK1 (Secret Moves)

Uploaded by 29th May 2020
Author Author Mr Esturk, Ice Cold Assasin SabithaSuki, xTHawk
File Size File Size 5.04 MB
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The classic Reptile from MK1. Includes his speed, Scorpion & Sub-Zero's Specials, and MK2 Reptile's acid spit, all at his disposal.

Now fully Kompatible for 2.9 and 2.5

Ice Cold Assasin for Original MK1 Ninja Konversions

Mr Esturk for Stance switching and 2.5 Port of MK1 Reptile

xTHawk for appropriate reaction sprites

Sabitha Suki for Brutality and Multi-Layer Stage Fixes.
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  • Reptile MK1 (Secret Moves)
  • Reptile MK1 (Secret Moves)

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