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Downloads: Moondragon (2019 edit)

Moondragon (2019 edit)

Uploaded by May 25, 2020
Author Author NinjaBR, edited by Sejimaru and gui0007
File Size File Size 4.32 MB
Views Views 187
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List of changes:
-Minor damage tweaks
-Fixed an infinite combo possible by timing LP the right way.
-Changed the juggle on various attacks to prevent other infinites and or overly long combos strings. (I'm looking at you spammy launcher)
-Removed most if not all OTG's (I really don't like most OTG's, and none seemed appropriate/without problem for this char IMO)
-Added a "cooldown/delay" on Telepathic blast, Telekinetic Assault, Dragon Kick and Astral Projection to make them feel less spammy and cleaner to fight against without making the char sluggish. (Astral Projection was a huge culprit as you could gain full meter by simply super jumping and then spamming it in air.)
-Lowered the meter gain and shortened the duration of Astral Projection to allow it to be less oppressive/cheap.
-Massively shortened the duration of Telepathic Shield (down to one damage tick) as it combined with basic fighting even at two ticks of damage or so allowed a never ending combo string. I increased the damage of the single tick to compensate so now it is better used as an optional combo ender as it is fairly unsafe to use on its own now. However because of this big edit, I changed it to now be able to interact with projectiles, acting as a well timed barrier against them(at least single tick ones).

gui0007's minor fixes
-A.I. revamped
-Damage of some specials fixed
-Few misaligned sprites, specially the Dragon form sprites fixed
-Added and rearranged the new palettes by Yolomate
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  • Moondragon (2019 edit)
  • Moondragon (2019 edit)

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