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Downloads: Solange (bootleg beta 1.0)

Solange (bootleg beta 1.0)

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May 24, 2020
Author Author JTibby
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If you're thinking to yourself "I've never even played Blade Strangers before" well... Neither have I. I have no clue how this character is supposed to work so I just guessed wildly. I don't even know how to code, really. This is a composite of what I was able to glean from observation, trial and error. I wanted to make a MUGEN fighter and by golly I did it!

So this character is in a very messy state. But near as I can tell she's playable! No special effects, KFM sounds and AI -- It's pretty bland. I just thought it was a shame that I couldn't find anyone using this character sprite so I figured, why not?

Most special moves are either 'Fireball motion' or just pushing attack buttons simultaneously. There are lots of 'hold direction' attacks like holding down and attack in mid-air. She's pretty simple to use.

See something wrong? You think you can do better? You think I suck? I probably can't fix any of those issues, but let me know about it in the comments. :)
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  • Solange (bootleg beta 1.0)
  • Solange (bootleg beta 1.0)

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