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Downloads: Ogichi Transform (edit)

Ogichi Transform (edit)

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1st May 2020
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I ONLY edited the AI to make it fight better.

It will go Bankai as soon as possible and at 1/3 of it's HP the vasto lorde transformation will be activated.

Here is the original:
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  • Ogichi Transform (edit)
  • Ogichi Transform (edit)

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3rd June 2020 at 22:12
Good edit.
2nd June 2020 at 15:37
@TheUltraBOSS For example in my previous works when i did Aizen there were character files like the "Hogyoku.cns" and the "Final Form.cns" and these files describes how the transformation will work.
So I have written this in it:

[State 0, LifeAdd]
type = LifeAdd
trigger1 = time = [35,60]
value = 10 <-- this is the percentage value this will heal when transforming.

Also if the char some time can transform and some time dont then i guess there are some other triggers to it as well.
for example most of the moves include a power requirement but for my awakenings when i want to make sure they will transform at a certain HP I simply delete the line with the power requirement.
I mean this line (triggerall = power >= 1000)

And also there could be a distance requirement which i always delete when making a transformation. Looks like this (triggerall = p2bodydist x < 30)

New Challenger
2nd June 2020 at 15:04
30th May 2020 at 21:58
Hey bro I like so much your work and now I'm trying to make my own AI
Anyway can you tell me how I can make the character's life increase while it transforming
And when I add this line (triggerall = life <= lifemax /2)
The char some time can transfome but other time it doesn't transforming please give me a solution
8th May 2020 at 23:43
Is there a way to make it so he doesn't stay transformed every round and match afterwards? Like reset back to base at the start of each round?
8th May 2020 at 14:45
@TheUltraBOSS Well you have a point but for my edits to work I had to make changes in the characer files also, so the AI wouldnt be enough.
And again, if someone doesnt have the character this way they dont need to download 2 separate files so I tought this is the easiest way for everyone.
7th May 2020 at 18:36
Hey bro,
I'm m so happy with this awesome work
But you should just upload the Al because we already have those characters and thank you so much
7th May 2020 at 15:36
@Koolnhuhoa Of course Im patient, I have a lot of free time lately so I dont mind explaining things over and over :D
New Challenger
7th May 2020 at 14:30
@ergo9 you are very patient, dude. A bunch of people has asked the same question over and over again. But you still spend your time to explain the basic of your editing =)))
4th May 2020 at 16:18
@nakatsuinaru I'll try explaining the most important basics. If you want to make changes in the AI then you need to open the IA.cns (most characters have one). Then you need to find the thing you want to change.
For example here is how a characters skill looks like:

[State 0, Perfect Kurohitsugi] <-- this is the name of the skill. this is the easiest way to find a skill if you know its name.
type = ChangeState
triggerall = var(2) = 1
triggerall = power >= 3000 <--- this is the power requirement for the skill. the character will not use this skill until it's power is 3000 or higher.
triggerall = statetype != A
triggerall = ailevel > 0 && roundstate = 2
triggerall = ctrl || numhelper(700) > 0
triggerall = p2bodydist x <= 50 <--- this is the distance requirement for the skill. the character will only use this skill if it's enemy is at least 50 pixel far away.
trigger1 = random < (ailevel * 100)*2 <--- this is the most important part, the RANDOM. (I'll explain bellow)
value = 3100

The RANDOM: so basically everithing the AI does is based on a random number generator that constantly generates random numbers. If the random number is smaller than (ailevel * 100)* 2 then the character can use this skill but it's not guranteed that it will use the skill because there might be more skill that has the same conditions. So if you want to make a character use a skill more often then you need to make the number on the right bigger for example
(ailevel * 100)* 20

These are the basics of changing the AI, I hope it helps.
4th May 2020 at 02:06
the problem is: i'm brazilian and i'm not understand english very well, so i'm feel lost with describes
if you can, say exactly what you modify. I would like know modify the AI this way in others chars
3rd May 2020 at 11:43
@nakatsuinaru in the character files there is an IA.cns which describes how the AI will fight so I modify that.
2nd May 2020 at 22:28
How can you improve? Where exactly you do this?
New Challenger
1st May 2020 at 20:16
Tensa Zangetsu vs Vasto Lorde Ogichi

New Challenger
1st May 2020 at 19:49
@ergo9 thanks i'll try that
1st May 2020 at 18:08
@Skyrimcool3803 for example for Aizen, in the final form.cns file there is a code segment like this (This is his light attack):
; A - 1
[Statedef 13200]
type = S
movetype= A
physics = S
juggle = 2
ctrl = 0
anim = 13200
poweradd = 30
velset = 0,0
sprpriority = 2

[State 0, VelSet]
type = VelSet
trigger1 = time = 0
x = 1

[State 0, PlaySnd]
type = PlaySnd
trigger1 = time = 0
value = S5,6
volume = 50

[State 200, 1]
type = HitDef
triggerall = !movecontact
trigger1 = 1
attr = S, NA
animtype = Light
damage = 20 <---- This is the dammage his light attack will do
guardflag = MA
pausetime = 10,10
sparkno = -1
guard.sparkno = s7000
sparkxy = -8,-25
hitsound = S1,14
guardsound = S4,1
ground.type = High
ground.slidetime = 12
ground.hittime = 15
ground.velocity = -2
air.velocity = -2,-1
Fall = 0
Envshake.time = 10

In the file I just simply press ctrl+F and search for "damage" and you will find every basic attack damage and you can modify them.
New Challenger
1st May 2020 at 18:01
cool edit
New Challenger
1st May 2020 at 17:43
How can you improve the damage for example aizen when he transforms to his final form?
1st May 2020 at 17:38
Waiting for ichigo...