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Nappa DBFZ

Uploaded by Apr 25, 2020
Author Author Tomo
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With the high quality spites ripped by oscar123 from DBZF i decided to give it a spin and create my own version of Nappa.
I managed to edit the sprites so they weight much less, making a gameplay way smoother.
Nappa is a 4 button character. I wanted to make a dedicated 'special' button which u can make various 'energy' actions.
He also have a dedicated button for 'Dragon Rush' which is a dash imitatig dbzfz move.
Nappa can perform easy punch/kick combos by pressing a/c, and some special moves with simple combinations of b.
I decided to give him two hypers - Saibaman Rush and Break Cannon(which has sweet animation).
Added animated intro for arcade mode and animated win screen.
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  • Nappa DBFZ
  • Nappa DBFZ

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