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Ragna (BBTag Edit)

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7th April 2020
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This is an edit of OHMSBY's Ragna, with changes to inputs and other minor things.

Inferno Divider now has an A version, with the same input, but uses A, has no Soul Eater property, decreased damage, and only having access to Axe kick as a followup.
Inferno Divider B Version is now slower on startup but therefore has more invulnerability on startup and has all the properties of normal Inferno Divider.
Inferno Divider (A and B versions) has invincibility on startup.
Meter was changed from 2 bars to 9.
As a result, EX Moves take 1 bar of meter, supers 2 bars, and Astral Heat 9.
Many of Ragna's attacks reward more meter.
Black Onslaught can be used anytime in the round as long as Ragna has 9 bars of super meter.
2A is slightly faster.
5C now staggers on hit rather than knocking down.
Changed where foe is placed when Ragna uses air grab.
Forward Throw sends at a slightly different angle
Almost all special inputs were changed, more resembling Central Fiction.
Hell's Fang Part II = D, DB, B, c
Nightmare Edge Part II = D, DB, B, c
Gauntlet Hades Part II = D, DB, B, c
Uppercut (after Inferno Divider) = D, DF, F, a
Axe Kick (after Uppercut) = D, DB, B, c
EX Dead Spike Part II = D, DB, B, c
Seed of Tartarus = B, DB, D, DF, F, c
Carnage Scissors = F, DF, D, DB, B, F, c
Devoured By Darkness = D, DB, B, D, DB, B, b
Black Onslaught = B, DB, D, DF, F, b
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  • Ragna (BBTag Edit)
  • Ragna (BBTag Edit)

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