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Downloads: Tito de Andromeda

Tito de Andromeda

Uploaded by 6th April 2020
Author Author Lord Slayer
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rare character "edit", credits to electrocaid for this one.
Just a lazy recolor/stolen edit of yuki's Kuroneko (Serika's cat, this before we had Hyper Elque, the 2nd unauthorized edit of yuki's works) with Memories Off announcment from a bus replaced with Saint Seya characters, collection purposes.
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  • Tito de Andromeda
  • Tito de Andromeda

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7th April 2020 at 00:46
The original Kuroneko (not playable solo in QOH99 what I remember) was cute but spammed a lolbus. Hard to guess what this is but IŽll take a look. Edit: Now reading the description fully and I hope it isnŽt just a simple spriteswap.