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Downloads: Nate Grey MvC

Nate Grey MvC

Uploaded by 5th April 2020
Author Author ComedyHAHA
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Note: This update features moves from two ComedyHAHA characters. The fusion of Nate Grey and Jean Grey. I was unable to contact the creator. Well, it looks like he's retired from the mugen.

Patch MvC2: MvC system supers, launcher and chain combos update, Hyper BG and original effects MvC2.
All basics (franksprites) update.
New: 2 special attacks and 3 super attacks, win pose, taunt, original sound (X-men legends 2).
Combo Announcer and Hyper Portrait MvC2 (by SUPERFERNANDOXT)

Its my first patch, My knowledge of codes is very small and limited. it is still a playable version.

Missing: Air Combo announcer, Hyper Combo Finish; and some more details ....
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  • Nate Grey MvC

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5th April 2020 at 04:48
Thanks dude. A tribute to the original creator. Finally a powerful Nate Gray.
New Challenger
5th April 2020 at 04:45
Thanks for the update men
5th April 2020 at 04:30
Ressucitando os anciões.
5th April 2020 at 04:22
#ShowDeBola :D