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Downloads: Lugi of Green Marios

Lugi of Green Marios

Uploaded by 31st March 2020
Author Author some random person
File Size File Size 10.41 MB
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I'd consider this an early April Fools release
Contains: Recolored SMW Mario, the famous Mario Allstars SMW Luigi, Advance 2 Luigi, Mario Maker 2 Luigi, Fanon resprites, A combined luigi. etc

The Story starts off from
"Luigi was one day picking which ver of his SMW sprite fits him best,
he picked one, but later he instead picked another one, and then another one...
Then basically he has an existenal crisis so bad that Lugi of Green Marios is born."

This character is NOT meant to be taken seriously.
its a joke/parody character

"Green waluigi" (C) NINTENDO
Version: Green CHEEEZE
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  • Lugi of Green Marios
  • Lugi of Green Marios

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26th April 2020 at 17:30
that ai is insanely good wow. And I like how ***** music is the win animation
3rd April 2020 at 13:20
It makes sense for that JJBA hyper fx: They wanted this character to be bizarre as possible.
3rd Snowball
3rd April 2020 at 03:57
Really clean and fun character to use. Jojo hyper effect makes it even better.