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Downloads: BaronStrucker beta versions

BaronStrucker beta versions

Uploaded by 26th February 2020
Author Author bradern666
File Size File Size 15.17 MB
Views Views 224
Downloads Downloads 31
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Not sure if the author of the V1 was bradern or not. Strictly collection purpose, even if both are playable.
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  • BaronStrucker beta versions
  • BaronStrucker beta versions

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Decent Fighter
26th February 2020 at 16:21
Oh, hey I remember this dude from the movies, you know where he just says "I'm gonna surrender now" or something then gets punched and says "aeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh..." haha, funny times.

Except I wasn't laughing, when that happened and everyone started laughing on the cinema I nearly stand up and started screaming at everyone "NO, DON'T LAUGH DON'T YOU SEE WHAT THEY JUST DID????"

Hehe good times