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Downloads: Fkukage DIO (Face Revealed)

Fkukage DIO (Face Revealed)

Uploaded by 26th February 2020
Author Author Warusaki3 + S.Y (edited by musthe1)
File Size File Size 12.95 MB
Views Views 494
Downloads Downloads 51
Last Reupload Last Reupload 4th April 2020
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It's a Fkukage DIO spriteswap, but his face is seen. I used the normal warusaki3's jacket dio for sprites and photo edited to match what fkukage dio attack has. I done some a little coding on the intros.

The 1st intro where dio cross his arms and says "get ready" and "joestars" interact is:

Johnny (salami)
Chun-Li (Jmorphman)
Ryu (POTS)
Jotaro (Mr. Giang)

Also this dio can interact warusaki3's Jotaro by using his stand on jotaro while he is using his stand too. I changed the animations for his 2nd win pose on the final round that he sucks the enemy's blood, then turns into high dio. I added the anime palette from SomaCruz1998. And sorry, I couldn't change the world palette because I tried something to match like warusaki3's dio stand has, there was a problem on the heart underpants for the world.

Easy commands:

Time stop: ~D, F, x+a

Stomach Punch: ~D, B, z+c
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  • Fkukage DIO (Face Revealed)
  • Fkukage DIO (Face Revealed)

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29th February 2020 at 02:34
@StopTimeFor19Seconds, I changed the size. For likely lower resolution mugen screen. No complain also, change the size if you want too if you don't like it, but for the actual size, go back to Warusaki3's Dio and find his x and y scale.
New Challenger
28th February 2020 at 13:43
your dio is shorter compared to other original jojo characters
26th February 2020 at 22:21
@bobbysharks thanks but no help on the pals.
26th February 2020 at 19:54
100000000000 thank you @bobbysharks! anyway I waiting!
26th February 2020 at 16:57
Ask @yolomate for help with the pallettes, guys a genius with colors.