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Downloads: Ryu HFTF (Zero Sprites)

Ryu HFTF (Zero Sprites)

Uploaded by 22nd February 2020
Author Author POTS + Mr.Giang + Warusaki3 (edited by musthe1)
File Size File Size 11.64 MB
Views Views 424
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A request from @JtheSaltyy. I thank @JohnVyttalRay for the red headband ryu alpha (zero) sprites and Shin Mako for chun li alpha sprites. Some projectiles sprites I got from RajaaBoy's Chun-Li and POTS's Ryu are changed to connect the hands. Jotaro sprites also his stand are in part 3 sprites. Ken is changed into alpha sprites also.
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  • Ryu HFTF (Zero Sprites)
  • Ryu HFTF (Zero Sprites)
  • Ryu HFTF (Zero Sprites)
  • Ryu HFTF (Zero Sprites)
  • Ryu HFTF (Zero Sprites)

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22nd February 2020 at 18:07
@JtheSaltyy your welcome, it was a remake. I had done the bad one first, then I had to make it better. Yeah, the alpha sprites seems fiting well also.
22nd February 2020 at 18:02
@MLGLORD, I think I'll go with ken, but his stand his E Honda.
New Challenger
22nd February 2020 at 17:29
Is there anyway you can recreate the one from the video you linked? The one, with Ryu and E Honda?
22nd February 2020 at 15:42
Thanks for making the request. I didn’t know you would actually remake Ryu with Zero sprites. It was just a thought. The sprites mesh well with the effects and HFTF sprites that are being used. Nice work!
22nd February 2020 at 07:53
Now Sakura Kasugano HFTF will be next soon. But has different moves unlike Jotaro and this Ryu I made have.